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Pocket Trainer can help you develop

1) Set Your Profile
2) Follow Your Specific Exercise Program
3) Break Through All Your Training Plateaus!

Only Pocket Trainer

  • Created by professional trainers using cutting edge technology
  • Safest fitness APP available! View easy to follow videos, still images, or written descriptions of all movements
  • Versatile – whether you have certain equipment at home, access to a facility, or are travelling and have no equipment,
    PT has you covered

Learn new techniques and advance

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  • Testimonials
  • Service Excellence!
  • I am compelled to bring to your attention the customer service I have recently received from your tech support at Pocket Trainer. Not only was a billing issue resolved in a prompt, efficient and agreeable manner, the "tone" of respect, integrity and value was communicated. I am a senior partner working in the retail sector and I am acutely aware of the importance of excellence in customer service. My expectations were exceeded and then some. Thank you for making a better world!
  • My Best Buy... love it!!
  • This app is amazing! I am using it on my 9700 Bold! Love it! Videos are great and I received a response to my questions within an hour or so. I would recommend this for beginners all the way up to the pro's!! Great App!!!!
  • best product I have seen!
  • As a NASM certified trainer this program speaks my language! This is exactly how I train my clients. I bought it because even trainers need motivation and accountability. I will recommend this to my clients.....if there is an affiliate program? I will put my name with it for sure!
  • Thank you!!!
  • I want to thank you all for such a wonderful product! I was a huge fan of yours originally with my BlackBerry Bold, and even moreso with my new iPhone 4 phone. I immediately re-purchased your app without hesitation for my iPhone, as I know your track record of great quality. You helped me from my back after my car accident and continue to assist my training, as I prepare for perhaps military service. Your prompt response time and care for your clients/customers is amazing. Keep making great products! I will be sure to buy any new items from you, even if not apps, but nutritional supplements and other things. I will be sure to leave a reply for your app on the iTunes store, just as in the past I left you a 5-Star rating on BlackBerry App World. Thanks again!
  • I'm wiped!
  • After countless years at the gym doing the same old same old, one session with Pocket Trainer and I am hooked. Best workout in years. 60 mins, caked in sweat, and I didn't touch a barbell or dumbbell. Fantastic app!!!
  • Awesome!
  • Fantastic workout. Love the variety and the alternative exercises if you need to change an exercise. Not stuck with the same gym card each visit!!
  • Great Product
  • The app is great and well worth the price. I have checked out a few other workout apps and this one is by far the best I've seen. Customer service is great also I received an answer within 24hrs.
  • nothing like this
  • I am a personal trainer and I use pt to workout myself this s the best the exercises I never tough I will be doing luv it
  • Great App & Bargain
  • Outstanding workout program and a bargain for the price. The trainers have a solid background & philosophy. I've been using it for over 4 months - great results!
  • Great on Torch
  • Awesome App. Well worth the money. Delivers as promised. Occasionally does not allow me to access a video, but not a big deal. You'll never get bored doing the same exercise routine over and over again!
  • bd
  • Love using this app. Great full body workout. Enjoy going to the gym to see what's planned for the day.
  • For those who dont know where to start...
  • This app is amazing! I've found myself bored with what I've been doing, and wasn't fully into going straight Crossfit. This app combines elements of all new and existing workout methods to create the perfect hybrids. To top it off, tech support was lightening fast in responding and answering questions when I had an options issue- wasn't even the application and they assisted without hesitation! Highly recommend, in case you haven't figured that out by now!!!
  • Keeps my workouts challenging!!
  • Before I got PT my workouts had hit a wall. I was doing the same lifts with same results each time I went to the gym. PT has changed that. The exercises are fresh and they kick my fanny in less than an hour a day. Highly recommended!!
  • Sunny South Africa - Thabo K
  • Training for Comrades Marathon and this app keeps a log of my training. It also has exercises I did not know existed and shows you videos as well as words description of those exercises and if you don't like an exercise it keep on suggesting alternatives until you find the right one. The down side is you perform two exercises before you move which means you hog two stations at the gym which maybe irritating to other gym users. All in all best Application!
    Thanks Thabo K
  • Awesome
  • This is really worth the price. Very helpful and encouraging.
  • love it
  • Love it
  • Excelente
  • Aplicacion muy completa, y realmente util, te mantiene motivado.
  • love it!
  • This is perfect for keeping me on track at the gym and when I travel. I love that it tracks my exercise history and the descriptions of the exercises are helpful.
  • Great App. it is a must buy!
  • This is exactly what I have been searching for. Great and challenging workouts are laid out for you. It does everything as explained in the description. You will not be disappointed!
  • Just brilliant!
  • I was apprehensive at first after seeing the caliber of exercises the app had created for me. You know phrases like "can I do these" and "why can't I preview and alternate in the preview screen so I can prepare before heading to gym" ran threw my mind. The point however is to try then alternate when you can't do them I realized during session number two. So if it aint broke don't fix it.

    Ten out of ten for challenging, fun workout routines and flexible workout lengths since I don't always have a full hour. Also love the non gym mode and being able to select which equipment you have at hand. As fabulous as the app is though I do feel it might intimidate beginners and techno-phobes at first but still rate it five stars based on my personal experience. If you've had it with your tired gym routine but cannot afford a trainer do yourself a favor and get this app. More than worth the price of admission.
  • its great
  • Highly recommended. I just love this app. Very stimulating. It works. Worth buying.
  • OMG
  • I am a PTA w a high knowledge of training but I have trouble doing it for myself so I get personal trainers but this app is as good n cheaper that you have to get it!!!
  • Pocket Trainer
  • I just bought it 3 days ago. I have done an hour workout everyday. I think it is wonderful. I already feel my body changing. Don't let a negative review discourage you from buying this product. I weigh 235 pounds. I'm only 5'4". And I'm a 38 year old smoker who hasn't worked out in 15 years. Start somewhere. Start today. Buy Pocket Trainer. Its only 12.99. Its worth it’s price in gold!
  • WOW!
  • This app is just what I need! It is easy to use. It designs a workout for you every day according to your level of fitness. It gives clear instructions, including videos demonstrating the exercises. It even provides alternate exercises if the original suggested one is too hard or you don't have the proper equipment. Best of all it gives you the option to select "home/travel" or "gym" workout and tailors it to where you are. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Works on the Tour.
  • 5 star app except for video issue on Bold 9000
  • This app is definitely a 5-star. I recently made a recovery from a car accident late last year. My chiropractor and 2 physical therapists showed me exercises where proper form was necessary. You can always YouTube some but not all exercises are found there. What I love about Pocket Trainer is that it shows various exercises I never knew about. I especially enjoy learning to use the stability ball and others within my routine. I only gave it 4 stars due to a minor video error problem - especially with Bold 9000 devices. Even tech support admitted to that. But I'm sure it will be fixed in a future

    update. Excellent personal trainer! This app will not disappoint you!!!
  • WOW
  • This app is great for any level of workout. I am a PTA and I been have found some great ideas here for my patients. I LOVE IT!!!
  • Great APP
  • Finally I found an app designed for myself, as it can create personalized training just for you. Also can choose from home or fitness room options, so you can exercise wherever you want despite if there have equipments or not. Kinda of enjoy work out now. Thanks to PT. Highly recommended.
  • Rather good fitness app
  • This app assigns you workouts to do, and guides you through those workouts. It seems to be efficacious as a sort of handheld personal trainer.
  • Great app... awesome on Storm2
  • An excellent app to get back in shape. Provides a variety of exercises and allows the user to choose alternate exercises. Love the beginner program which focuses on core and stabilizing muscles to build up to the next level. Love the videos, descriptions and common problems associated with any exercises. No problems inputting data but has crashed at least twice but I suspect its from the Storm2 and not the app as I jump back and forth between apps while running Pandora at the same time. Tech support pleasantly prompt with an answer to all my questions. Highly recommended.
  • love it!
  • Great app. Worth it. Videos are great on my 8900.
  • Resistance trainer
  • For a person wanting to start out, or for more advance weight lifting regimns.
  • Love it
  • Works great on my 9700 as advertised.

    Was initially frustrating as I had no clue how to progress through workout.

    My workouts are now on another level.
  • great but some needed adjustment
  • Just started using this app and it's GREAT! It takes some figuring out but after u get the hang of it it's easy to use. Not sure how to input how much weight you are using though.
  • Pocket Trainer
  • I can't get pictures or videos to work with this app.. If they would work it would be an amazing app! Does anyone know how to get them to work?
  • fitness app pocket trainer
  • Great app finally an app that delivers on what it promises!!
  • Fantastic Exercise App
  • This App really is like having your own professional trainer in your pocket. The cool thing is that my routine was calculated just for me, and not just another off the shelf exercise app with the same exercises for everyone. I'm looking forward to checking out how it updates my progress. I recommend PT.
  • Great app, but.....
  • But be careful of the back button. I have had the app for 3 weeks and it gives great workouts, exercises I never knew existed. But because of the back button I have tanked 2 workouts half way through. Even with that, I still recommend this app to everyone.
  • Great App
  • I've been using this app for a few months, It's helped me increase my fitness level, build more muscle and I can do it all at home. So Awesome!

*Pocket Trainer is now available for iPhone™, iPad™, Windows Phone 7, and Android™ phones as well as the BlackBerry® Curve™, BlackBerry® Storm™, BlackBerry® Bold™, and BlackBerry® Tour™ series of smartphones, and desktop/laptop computers. Pocket Trainer supports BlackBerry smartphones from the leading U.S.-based carriers including Verizon, Sprint/Nextel, AT&T Wireless, T-Mobile and Alltel. We will be adding new devices on a regular basis.

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